Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2002-11-23 18:04:58 (UTC)

diary of a thumbless boy

Eventful day! That's an understatement. It started off by
helping Jon move in the house. Then as the day progressed
things got worse. I mean the parents called and yelled at
me about my car and then about me not going to Memphis for
Thanksgiving. Then we get jon moved in and people come over
(and I am glad 3 little ladies came to hangout even if it
was for a short time) which at first was kool but as the
night progessed I became aware that I don't fit....all the
guys were playing video games which were no intrest to me
and the girls were gossipping which honestly I would have
picked to hangout with the girls but i could tell they
wanted "just girl" time which left me to walk around the
house drinking smrinoff ice and playing Michael Jackson CD's
(which some people complained about). Then it
happened.....I was helping Kelly cut the excess wax off the
candle so it would be flat again and I went right through
it and cut my thumb almost off. We had to go to the
emergency room and have stitches put in. But all is good
now except I have a huge splint on my thumb and we are
taking band photos tomorrow where I am supposed to look
cool. So I guess I am hiding my hand. well, thats the end
of my story but I realized some things tonight that I
thought I's share

when it rains it pours(always)

90% of all emotions are used while in a hospital

always be nice and courteous to the doctor/nurse your
seeing they need as much, if not more care, love, attention
as you do

age doesn't matter when friendship is envolved( and I can
say love too)

the ONLY meaningful things in life are your relationships
(keep them close)

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