life condensed
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2001-08-21 00:21:03 (UTC)

the third planet.....

another day in my life. life is like a box, a box has 6
sides, inside and out... i think that's a quote from a book
or movie i read, i forget at this point. today was brutal,
i always go through a kind of shell shock on mondays, it's
hard for me to adjust from weekends to weekdays. i'm
supposed to go out to coffee tonight with my best friend
and her ex-boyfriend, which i'm kind of not looking forward
to. i like spending time with both of them but the only
reason she wants to see him is so they can get back
together, and i'm the intermediary. after they broke up, i
stayed friends with him and we continued to hang out. she
has been telling me for a while that she wants to get back
together with him, so i orchestrated this whole "hang-out".
it's not a big deal i guess, i just don't think they should
be together at all. she's really emotional and he's more
cerebral(sp?). i also think she can do better. so tonight
should be interesting to say the least. i've been thinking
lately about how long it's been since i've fallen asleep
with's been at least a month... depressing in
a way, i really miss that. i hope this isn't a continuing
trend. i'm keeping my options open for now, see who floats
my way...