2002-11-23 16:03:25 (UTC)

piece of crap

considering i couldnt get this site to work for a few days,
im pretty pissed, because i had some good stuff to add,
too. lots of teenage emotiony stuff. stuff you probably
wouldnt want to hear about, but youd read it anyways
because youre interested in the crazy, demented things that
go on inside of other peoples minds. it gives you comfort
to know that there is no normal. we all have our faults,
our obsessions, our moments of complete insanity. i just
happen to have a lot more than i let people know.

so today its absolutely, posotutely FREEEEEEEZING! and here
i sit next to an open window with wet hair. am i an idiot,
or am i an idiot? dont answer that.

civinettes sucks. the club officers (namely the president)
are real bitches, and when youre a sophomore and most of
the other members are juniors and seniors, it just makes
you feel totally out of place. why am i even in this club?
their dues are soooo high and there arent many service
projects they sponsor... i think im going to quit. too bad
i already ordered the shirt that takes six frickin months
to be made.

ok. ultimate fakebook rocks. and so do the apples in
stereo. i wish i was in a band. that would be totally

ghs finally got the brynn alan homecoming pictures back.
woohoo. its just that i look a little high/sleepy in the
one of both me and robert. the others are just fine, but
that one didnt come out too good. meh. its only my whole
extended family that will chortle as they open their
homemade christmas cards and find their
niece/cousin/granddaughter with her eyes half-closed
standing next to this total hottie.

well thats it for now. if you want a hot dog, come by kash
n karry today. if you want a hot dog and want to meet this
hottie, come by between 3 and 5 pm. (being a vegetarian, i
dont know how ill be able to do this.)