Just another life
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2002-11-23 15:03:50 (UTC)


Welcome to this world,
of pain, and strain, and strife.
Welcome to the beginning,
of the end of your life.
Welcome to the disappointment,
of yesterdays defeat.
Welcome to this world,
Welcome to reality.
Welcome to never getting the girl,
you're not good enough for her.
Welcome to flirting,
without any proof for sure.
Welcome to almost,
reaching the finish line.
Welcome to this world,
Welcome to my whine.
Welcome to MY world,
where nice guys finish last,
where I'm not loved,
but I have enough to pass,
Welcome to my world,
where all I want is her,
an angel in my eyes,
I would die for her.
So now that I've welcomed you,
it's time to begin.
Life is waiting for you,
to come so it can end.

To the ladies-"I love you all, but not as much as her."
To everyone-"Doesn't it seem like most of the ranting here
from guys are about girls not caring about
To the ladies-"I hope you're proud of the power you have
over us.