Hair Of The Dog
2001-08-20 22:54:51 (UTC)

on matters of friends and friendships

Well last night at the Uni bar was a huge disaster. I have a
good bunch of mates at Uni, but get a little bit of alcohol
into em and they turn into fucken idiots. One tried to grab
a few freebies from the bar, and then tried to get shitty
with me when I caught him and got right up him for doing it.
The night nearly ended in a brawl after one of them
started blabbing off shit on a skinfull of piss.

Uni people never cease to surprise me with their incessant
hands out for free whatever they can get. I lost count
yesterday of the amount of people who hit me up for loans of
cash and jugs of beer on credit, it was seriously that many.
Including some of my 'mates'. Well today they're gonna sit
and listen while I lay down the law of that bar, if they
wanna fuck around I'll treat them like any other person who
got caught flogging something or doing something wrong. I
did end up giving credit to two of them, but only because
the money will be arranged by one on Wednesday and I trust
that one person.

Someone wrote an entry in here once about 'friends', I
replied and said that maybe they needed a new group of
friends. Never thought I'd be on here bitching about mine.
But I am. They're complete fuckwits for having betrayed my
trust, and they shall not be getting away with it.

Are you one of these types of friends? Have you no money and
consistently scam and beg off others? If so then take note:
you risk becoming like a fish. After a while you start to
stink and people don't want you around.


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