A day in the life....
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2002-11-23 05:24:41 (UTC)


OH...what a WONDERFUL way to have spent last weekend!! I
loved every minute of it! So here we go..this is my story
of last weekend...
Well we ended up being able to leave a lil bit earlier than
we had planned and traffic was great. So it only took us 4
1/2 hours to get there and that was with stopping for
dinner at Wendy's. So we got there about 8pm Chicago time.
We didn't go out, but just hung around Brian's apartment.
Talked, watched some TV, you know. Then Saturday we woke
up, and Brian cooked breakfast..he put me to work doing
other things helping..French Toast..mmm mmm good! Then we
went to the upper level of his aparment complex and checked
out the scenery from there. Went and got his car and drove
to the Magnificent Mile. We went up the John Hancock
building which is 96 stories tall. The scenery was
awesome! i got some pics..i hope they turn out. spent about
1 1/2 hours there. then we walked about the shops a lil
bit, left there and by now traffic had picked up quite a
bit. We left and drove around the city, saw where Brian
worked, some of his project sites, ate lunch, watched some
football on TV...even after a big lunch Brian, he put me to
work in the kitchen again, made dinner; pork chops, corn on
the cob, green beans, crescent rolls, salad, and Reese's
Jello dessert. Now the GOOD stuff... we decided to go for a
carriage ride!! It was soooooo sweet and mildly romantic,
my parents went along with us. it was Snowing! Pretty,
fluffy snow flakes!! It was just magical...and they were
starting to put up Christmas lights...*sigh* *smiles* After
that we decided to walk towards the Sears Tower. it was
crisp and cold, but we walked..a lot. Hand in hand, or arm
in arm...i loved it. I was soooo giddy. I giggled. :oP But
after we got closer to it we got on the EL to go back
towards the Mile and where we were parked. We had to switch
from the EL to the Subway...what an experience! I got it
all, driving, walking, EL, and subway through Chicago. Well
it was late by now so we went back to Brian's and got clean
and went to bed. Then we woke on Sunday morn to go to
church at New Life...Brian made cinnamon rolls for
breakfast...the guy really can cook! (or at least follow
directions ;o) ) The service was awesome! too bad i felt
ill and almost passed out during part of it. The message
was about being the Salt of the Earth. Really great. Then
we left there, went to Subway for lunch, and it was time to
depart. So back to Brian's, packed up, said good-bye sadly,
and we left about 12-12:30 Chicago time. We got home in
about 3 1/2 to 4 about making good time. So
that put us home about 5pm here, 4pm Chicago time. I hated
to was so Great! but i may get to go back in a
couple weeks! Time for bed. God bless y'all!

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