This girl's life
2001-08-20 21:54:46 (UTC)

~*~Its been awhile~*~

I have became so much happier than I used to be. Since
Jeremy & I broke up & we stopped talking I have not been
stressed or depressed. Everyone has saw it too, tehy have
saw that I am a lot more happier & friendly. And it is all
true. I have been in the best of moods lately, I am not
letting anyone mess it up for me etheir. Jeremy wrote me
this e-mail just a bunch of BS, then today we talked & he
is coming up here tonight to see me b/c he said that he
misses me so bad. I am not having him ruining my feelings &
heart anymore though. If he wants to be with me then he can
but I am not taking baby steps & him running all over me. I
have became stronger & no one will break me ever again. As
far as guys yeah I like a few of them but not for anything
serious. There is this guy named Eddie & he is so damn
fine, all my friends love him. He is the best person ever.
He is so into me. The thing is that scares me b/c I do not
want a big relationship anymore. He is black though & I
have never dated one or anything with one. I kissed him
though & yeah I do like him, my family would freak on me
though. I liked a guy named Nick but I have decided that he
is a total dick, as most guys are. Anyway I am getting off
here, bye bye...