Life Stinks, and I Ran Out of Perfume
2001-08-20 21:30:57 (UTC)

Sleepy kinda

Hey, I'm sleepy...kinda.

I've been taking care of my biz at school.

Met up with R., who is probably deathly in love with me,
but is too shy to share.

And I'm "too shy" to share that I already have a man. I
couldn't break his widdle heart.

Well, we chilled at my apartment after I took care of my
biz (he was sweet enough to carry my heavy expensive-ass
books that I just bought) and watched some videos. He
reluctanctly left around 4:00.

Now, I'm just tired. Checking my email, I notice my
boyfriend emailed me from the ship.

He should be on his way to his house now...he'll be packing
this week then joining me at school this weekend...

He says he wants to stop having sex too, that he's too
emotionally involved...

He wants to find himself, and be really secure in me before
he goes there with me again...

When I say emotionally involved, I mean, drama comes out of

We start arguing about sex, he worries if I'm dissing his
sex, sex sex sex...

I think we both want out of that trap...

I think we both just need to lay down...and sleep...