2001-08-20 21:20:59 (UTC)

just another monday

Well, I did end up going to John's last night.
Sean, Doug, and Justin were there too. Only Justin and I
slept over though.
It was weird because I couldn't tell if Justin was still
there. We didn't go to sleep until 5:45am, and I was
sooooooo tired.
Then it got lighter, and I could see him sleeping on the
couch, John and I were on his bed.
I had to pee way too bad when I woke up, (around 11am) but
I didn't want to get up to go to the bathroom because I was
only wearing my underwear and a tank top (my jeans got too
hot last night) and I didn't want Justin to see anything.
I pulled my jeans on quickly, though, and ran to the
bathroom. When nature calls...
Hehe oh well.
I played the Sims for a little while, and I got a message
that was something like, "Make preparations, for the end is
near." I got scared. John and I were having a slight
argument at that point in time, so he didn't say anything
about it... But I just turned off the Sims anyways.
I'm so sensitive.
Then John and I went to the grocery store to pick up some
more diet pepsi and some bananas, and I asked him to take
me home cause it was already 4, and I have to make dinner
Speaking of which, I should be doing that right this minute
if it will be ready on time...
But we will probably be together after dinner. Rent a
movie or something, spend some time alone... It's been a
while since we've just done that.
It's not that I don't like hanging out with his friends,
they're awesome people, but things are so different then.
He acts differently, and I get so quiet and shy around
them, half the time they think i'm sleeping...
Oh well. I should be thankful that I've got such a great
guy and that we get to spend so much time together :)
K well I'm outta here.
Bye guys :)
Take care :)