my life...over all
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2001-08-20 21:14:51 (UTC)

an update

0k.....last time that i wrote was a long time ago and some
loser sent me a message saying how stuck up i sound...well
i'm not stuck up actually i'm quite the oppisite...i would
think that my reputation in skool is some1 who is really
nice and just fun to be wit. that's me. neway. i gotta new
dog...he's big but he's soo cute. dusty's his name and
weiging 55 lbs. is his it was my first day of
skool 2day....but i luv skool so i don't really mind. we
got a new p.c.'s really cool. i'm bored. i still
kinda like matt...but it's liek one of those things where
i'd only flirt wit him...not go out wit him. dont think so
neway. we have like no new guys...and the one's we have R
butt. neway.....skool is still it's all good.
well i mom's being a b!tch again so i gtg do
some dumb thing for her....i'll write later tho.ttyt