The Nine Faces of Dave
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2002-11-23 03:18:46 (UTC)

looking for a girl gamer

So once again, not a whole lot has changed since my the last
time I updated, but it seemed like a good time to write an
entry in this thing.

I was going to see "Six Characters in Search of an Author"
tonight with some of my friends from the hall, but it was
sold out. It's only playing through tomorrow night, and I'm
working then. So I guess I won't get to see the crazy weird
existentialist play. Ah well, them's the breaks.

I think I've finally finished my CS project, which means all
I have left to do is write the readme file and turn the damn
thing in. I really hope I get a good grade on this. I feel
that I should be able to get an A in my CS course, but it's
really anyone's guess what I'll end up with.

My health seems to have improved a little since I decided to
lay off the greasy take-out. I think I just might be able
to return to my not-eating weight loss plan, which will be a
very good thing. Maybe I can actually slim down a little.

So nothing's really changed with respect to my social life,
which is kind of depressing. Then again, I suppose that in
a way, it's good. After all, things are probably better now
than they've ever been before, and as things stand, changes
would probably result in a worse situation.

Still, I can't help but feel discontent about what's the way
things are going. I have had more success with women, just
in terms of friendships, though I haven't managed any dating
yet this year. I suppose it's unrealistic to expect success
of any sort, at least while I'm still fat and all, but it's
kind of bothersome nonetheless.

That's not to say that I haven't tried. I did make a couple
of attempts, though both of them failed. Still, they didn't
turn into spectacular failures on my part, unlike most of my
other attempts. So I guess my track record is improving, at
least to an extent.

I'm still on the lookout, though. Right now I sort of fancy
a girl in my German class, but it doesn't make a whole lot
of sense to me; I barely know her. I'm also attracted to a
girl on my floor who I know quite well, though for whatever
reason I don't feel the same attraction to her. I suppose
that our existing friendship may have something to do with
that, but I honestly don't know.

What bothers me is that I don't know how available either of
them are, and I don't really know any way to find out. It's
a problem that I've had to deal with for some time now, and
being in a relatively small social circle doesn't help.

I would like to get to know the girl in my class better, but
it's kind of hard to do so when that's the only place I ever
see her. It's also kind of hard to make any effort to talk
to her, because she's always with a couple of other people
in the class. I actually have something I could talk to her
about now, but the trick is finding an opportunity.

Still, I need to make an effort in that respect before the
semester ends. I suppose ideally our paths would cross at
some time when we're both alone, perhaps in the coffee joint
or something. Then there would actually be potential for a
decent conversation to occur. And who knows, though it may
not be at all likely, it is entirely possible that she might
be the girl I've been looking for.

But I'm not too optimistic; in my experience, girls who are
really attractive usually aren't into gaming, and they most
likely have never even heard of my favorite authors, movies,
albums, or television shows.

This is Dave, signing off.