Mad Poet's Society
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2001-08-20 21:03:39 (UTC)

in class again....

Sitting in my career prep class, which is supposed to show
me how to get a job to pay for all of this expensive
medical training, and once again I'm not paying a bloody
bit of attention to the prof. I'm supposed to be looking
for a new apartment, seeing as how Darion took over my old
one with 'the new bitch', so I've got 30 days or less to
find a new place to live, my own choosing. He and I were
splitting the rent to own payments on it, but now I guess
Stephanie (that;s her name) is moving in when I move out,
or sooner. I just cannot stand to live in the same building
as those two. I know D thinks he is not in the wrong, that
if I had been a better girlfriend he wouldn't have done
this to me, but you know what? I treated him like a king,
which is definitely more than he deserved. We went to see
Coyote Ugly on one of our last dates, and he bought me the
soundtrack and dedicated song number 11 on it to me. I
dedicated 'Can't fight the moonlight to him and us. So much
for my brain, huh? You wonder how I will be smart enough to
complete med school. I mean, yes, I've had bad
relationships in the past, but none that I have cared so
much for the other person about. I'm still friends with all
of my exes, you know, but I don't think D and I can have
that. I came back from the grocery store and saw him on the
stairs, and completely broke down....dropped the groceries
everywhere, fell down and bawled my head off. yeah, real
classy, I know. My nose was red and dripping, and my
composure was so out of control that the old woman who
lives next door thought I was having a mental breakdown and
called an ambulance for me. SO embarrassing. My sister
called last night and I refused to talk to her, now she is
so hurt by what I said that she won't take my calls. I just
don't know what the hell to do anymore. Maybe I should
check my addled brain into a mental asylum.

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