It smells like poop over here
2002-11-23 02:18:24 (UTC)

those bitter cold days cast your silhouette,

angel like, through the fogged up cafe glass." that justin
sane album is pretty good, folk/punk...im sure i understand
it but i likes it. that line is from "61C days turned to"
off of "life, love and the pursuit of justice". which is
the same CD that i was just talking about, whatever, you
rich's sister, chrissy likes my septum piercing. her
mom yelled at me to take it out, and she's like "it's so
cute" and mrs. saady yelled at me again and chrissy says "i
still love you" and im all like "yeeeeeah". dear god, she's
so hot. she likes my tongue stud too. the baby she babysits
for, sara, was in the chair, and it was bout time for her
to, and mrs. saady said something like "don't you wanna go
with chrissy?" so i says to sara "how bout you stay here
and ill go with chrissy" and she said the same thing. i
want her to freakin bad. but not in just "i wanna do her"
sort of way. i want to be with her. i magine that would
make things weird around that household, cause parents and
siblings are supposed to dis they're daughters/sisters
b/fs, and that would be me. plus it make things weird
between me and rich. i don't want that at all. bros before
hoes...it failed me the first time, and that relationship
failed, but dean was cool enough to forgive me. stupid
emotions, i hate love and i hate the fact that im in love
with my best friends sister.
turns out, i probaly will be having thanksgiving alone.
matt's gonna be in portland with kit visiting sean n them.
mom is going to sams sons house. im finally gonna have the
holiday i've always wanted. me eating a sandwhich and
watching TV that isn't football. elizabeth at work isn't
going to see her family either, so lauren is going to her
house. this is how the convo went down. she said she was
gonna be alone, and lauren said that she was gonna miss her
family dinner too, so they're gonna get together. i think
elizabeth wanted me to ask if i could come over too, cause
i had told her i was eating alone. but i don't know, she
mighta just been telling me what she's doing. who cares, i
don't really like my family and i just wanna be alone.
it's weird how i act when im with people, when im with
family, when im with friends and when im alone. i act
different all the time. i always wanna be alone, but im
always going out with someone. ill chill with rich, or with
joe or do somehting. i dunno. im just full of shit and i
know it.
matt gave me this zig zag zippo, and i can snap my
fingers and light it. dwayne, one of the kids i eat lunch
with taught me how to do it. i still kinda have crush on
kadejah, this girl we eat lunch with. she's pretty cool,
plus D says she likes me. so does darin, the other kid i
eat with. we're so ethnic when we eat. you got me, the
white kid, darin and dwayne, the black guys and kadejah,
the arabic girl. anyway, matt told me if i lite any
cigarette with it, he'd beat my ass. what else would i use
a lighter for???? i used to to light my smokes anyway.
sides, he couldn't beat my ass anyway, lancky fucker.
well, it's friday night, im doing anything. im just
gonna hang out here. im gonna eat my soup, maybe watch some
TV, jerk off, maybe roast and go to sleep for a loooong
time. PEACE