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2001-08-20 20:33:49 (UTC)


Well, I'm single again. I dumped Josh because he was
getting on my nerve. I just didn't like him anymore. I
guess that's what happens when you get with guys that you
didn't take the time out to know before you got with them.

So, anywayz, I'm on the verge of getting with T-val, my
long-time crush! I don't know, just whenever I talk to him
I get butterflies in my stomach. And he's crazy, too. I
need a little fun in my life. You know what I mean?

I saw "The Others". I didn't like it that much. I saw it
with my godsister Meisha, my sister Kris, and Josh (when I
was going out with him). That was the day he came out to
see me. Then, we went back to my house and I dumped him. I
just didn't like him. Simple as that.

Carlos is in jail. He was beating-up Nicole. I feel so
sorry for their family. He's such an ass-hole. I don't know
why Debbie is still with him. I don't know how long he'll
be in there, but hopefully for a while.

T-val called me yesterday and was acting like his friend,
Tarrel. I was telling him how T-val should ask me out and
all of this. I think T-val may call me today. If he does
then I'm going to ask him to come over. I don't have to go
to work tomorrow because the pastor didn't pay me for a day
that I worked, so he said if I stay home then he'll pay me
for that day.

Six Flags was so much fun! This guy Angel took me, Reyna,
and Nicole up there. He had this little Honda and he was
driving so fast. I thought I was going to die! We almost
crashed into these one people. Jose, Reyna's brother, is so
cute! I've always had a crush on him, and now I wish that
he wasn't engaged and has a baby, because I'd be trying to
get with him!


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