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2001-08-20 20:24:10 (UTC)

I don't like to.....

I don't like alot of things. But the main thing right now
is a guy (man, okay) who's name is Darion, or D. We broke
up about two months ago, and it literally sent me into a
tailspin. I've been a uni student for almost a year now,
and I am an undergrad med student, and dating D was really
hard for me, because I failed all of Spring term, and when
we broke up, I simply didn't care enough to do the work for
summer term, and now fall term is beginning and I am
finally able to move on with my life. You've got to
understand, I am a social person, I always talk to my
parents online on AIM or messenger, and when I dropped out
of sight it was really painfuil for them, and me too. I'm
also a fic writer, and my block has been so bad lately, I
just can't seem to be creative. My journal has been blank
and cold, empty of all thoughts and anything remotely
creative, because I have found myself at a loss for words.
This is honestly a first for me, because words have always
been my medium of communication, and now I feel as though
my voice has been robbed from me for the love of a man who
was never worth it in the first place if he was going to
dump for some girl that is his ideal of the perfect woman.
Yeah, okay, I may be a little overweight (HEY! I have
curves, not ribs sticking through anorexic papery flesh)and
maybe he doesn't prefer redheads, but you know, that is
really not an excuse for me coming home after a fucking
autopsy for christ sake and finding him in bed with the
downstairs neighbor who happens to be short, asian, and
dark haired. Jackass. I really want to talk to my mom, but
she is having issues of her own right now. Later I will
post some of my older poetry up for those who are
interested. I've got to go and try to study now.

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