humming bird

my F***ed up head
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2002-11-22 23:03:12 (UTC)


yeah so last night right i could not stop dreaming about
jason and about anthony cosmano and like me and jason being
back together again and all this shit and it was just so
weird becuz that was like the only thing i dreamt about ALL
night and i dont really remember exactly what the dreams
were about liek what happened in them but i remember jason
was there and i remember anothony was there and kissing
them or something i duno it was just so weird and i am like
torturing myself i shouldnt have called jason i mean it is
good that now if we never talk again at least the last time
was on a good note but i wish he would call me and be like
whats up lets chill or something u know and i have all
these secret lil ho[es that me and him r gonna get back
together AGAIN and i mean i know it isnt gonna hpaoen but
the thing is that like before, the first time we broke up i
kept saying i wish i had another chance but i know iw ont
get one and then i got one and so now part of me is hoping
if i say it isnt gonna happen then it will but damn, i am
so pushing it. just whatever i know that this time nothing
is gonna happen i mean he prolly has a gf or something but
i jsut keep wondering if i made him think, like if i fucked
with his head a lil by calling, like maybe he hasnt thought
about me in so long and then all of suuden he is wondering
why i called and cant stop thinking about it but i doubt
that is even happening he prolly thought it was weird and
that was all he thought but whatev i gotta go get my pizza-
peace- julz

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