boys and genes
2002-11-22 22:39:46 (UTC)

This is my first entry, thanks..

This is my first entry, thanks to brenda, lol. Anyway,
yesterday we had a soccer game. Our soccer team kicks ass!
We have all really good players so it is pretty cool and
everyone gets along, well almost every, **brenda**, lol. We
won 5-0. ha ha, deer park sucks, lol, sorry stephanie. So,
me, brenda, jill and hopefully holly are going to run
indoor track. It is gonna be so much fun, even though I am
going to suck. And it is also going to rock because a
really hot guy is running, joe.... and andy is running, but
joe is hotter. How can anyone not think joe is hot? They
are messed up, only me, brenda, caitie(I think that is how
you spell it) and bridget thinks he is, but what does
everyone else know! Everyone else is just messed up. I
don't like anyone now though, and brenda does she is just
in denial, but it is all good, *Bob* will come around
eventually, lol! Brett is an idiot! He is so ewwwww, lol.
If you don't believe me just ask brenda or bridget. Well,
we have 9 days off, so I am gonna go talk to my friends, so

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