The strange and questionable life of Ris
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2001-08-20 19:15:50 (UTC)

Starting this out...

On the request of a friend, I am going to start an online
journal...what jolly good fun.

First, the introductions. My name is Rae Harris, I live in
Fairmont, WV. I'm 5'7, 150 pounds, green eyes,
disguistingly pale skin, and red-brown-black-blonde hair.
I'm going to Fairmont Senoir high School starting august
27, 2001. I have a mother, debbie; father, benjamin; and a
sister, jenna; who is the answer to why most serial killers
choose females as their victims. i also have a nuerotic dog
who was born with a dependency on crack cocaine.

i live in the small room, in the medium sized house, in the
city of fairmont, in wv, in the usa, on the planet earth,
in the universe (you can't miss it.)

i consider myself more of a 'goth' then a freak. i love to
read, wear black, write, see movies, work on the net. i'm
obsessed with vampires, and anne rice is my favorite
novelist. my other authors are tamora pierce, j.k. rowling
(pathetic, i know), amelia atwater-rhodes (promising
author), sherwood smith, rod serling (twilight zone), and
some of stephen king's work. my favorite movies at the
moment are interview with the vampire (which is actually in
my VCR right now), blade (a movie i'm surprised i liked),
valmont, moll flanders, joan of arc, traffic, the gift,
sugar and spice, and the joy luck club.

my choice actor/actresses are adrienne wilkinson, angelina
jolie, tom cruise, brad pitt, stephen rhea, billy bob
thorton, robin wright-penn, mena suvari.

music...love music. i'm addicted to ANYTHING by live right
now. hole, korn, slipknot, garbage, marilyn manson, dave
matthews, and eve 6 are my main bands.

finally, i am going to tell you what happened to me today..

Freshman orientation...ick. I fell asleep at two in the
morning, woke up at eight, put on makeup and my clothes.
left home at 8:45 and got to the school. walked inside and
followed the noise to the auditorium where people were
fuckin everywhere! half of my old class was there, of
course none talked to me. i stood beside the counselors
office, and listened to mrs roman bitch about all the
noise. some pothead stared at me the entire time, as if i
was some sort of prize turkey. i gave him the finger and he
walked away...scared.

finally, the orientation begn and i sat with the rest of
the freshman in the middle row, all by myself. nothing much
happened there besides a couple of moronic skits that the
sophmores, juniors, and senoirs put on. i watched,
completley bored, and after about an hour we had to go to
each of the classes. of course, my schedule didn't say my
homeroom or locker combination, so i had to stand in line
at the counselors office. jimmy burdoff, a really funny guy
from my school joked around with me about school shootings.
i got mrs stonicker for home room, much to my delight,
until i walked inside and found that meredith mcElroy,
danielle kliethermes, and stacey merrifield were in the
same homeroom with me. i almost threw up. i hated all of
these girls. they looked me up and down and i decided not
to take a seat and just lean against the wall. i had tried
today not to dress too goth (white takntop with white see
through silk shirt, black jeans, black comabt boots. i did
wear some black eyeliner and dark brown eye makeup..which
makes my eyes look even more green. i had my hair pulled
neatly down into a bun, and left my eyebrows unplucked. by
the end of the day, i had just let me hair down. my nails
were painted black.)
finally, we were allowed to go to first period, which is
Spanish 2 for me. of course, with my luck, meredith was in
that class with me. everyone in that entire class were just
discrimnative. i walked away unhappy.
all my lasses before lunch are on the same floor...goody! i
found them easily. same assholes in every class, just
different faces. again, i walked away unhappy.
fifth period i had to go to the photography room, where i
talked with some girls from the thespian club...i found
some enjoyment in making fun of Mrs "baby-eater" Casto.
they checked my schedule and told me where i could find the
rest of my classes. i hope to see them again.
i had some trouble finding the gym, and i asked some fat,
ugly guys up on the balcony. they pointed to where it was
and told me to jump off the balcony since i would get there
faster. i flipped them off and called the fucking retards.
to my surprise, all of them made that same, shocked face.
the three hours went by slowly, and finally it was noon. my
dad picked me up and asked me a million fuckin questions
that i didn't feel like answering. i turned on the radio
and found some ozzy.
we came home and i grabbed some chocolate and vanilla ice
cream out of the fridge and some orange soda. i went up to
my room where i threw off my clothes and changed into a
tacto bell t-shirt and plaid boxers. i put interview with
the vampire back into the VCR and watched some of it, until
i got to the part where i wanted to save it for tonight. i
turned off the TV, and put on some live. of course, my
sister decided this is the time to drive me out of my
fuckin' mind and ask me questions about the orientation.
not to my surprise, she didn't care about what happened
tome. she just wanted to know about her ex-boyfriend who
organized the entire thing. i walked away annoyed and

so, that's all that's happened today. even though it's only
3:14, i highly doubt anything worth writing will pass me

hope you enjoyed learning about my day...i sure didn't.