2002-11-22 22:06:36 (UTC)

to add on to car crash...

the other half of the story is one day she was
skateboardin to her bus stop when a car w/ black tinted
windows threw a 2 liter bottle of coke at her head, while
yelling ," killer"!!! it wasnt all full but it had some
left in there anyway she got off balanced and she fell onto
the road hit her head on the pavement and got Knocked out-
cold- finally some1 picked her up (a while after this
immature incident ) cleaned her off a bit ,

blood was all over her face and shirt- chris
tell me u dont at all feal bad???
if any1 else had drivin them home no one would be alive.
WHICH THEY R. so chris dont say shit 'bout her anymore.only
if i could tell u the rest of the stories they did to her...

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