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2002-11-22 21:54:24 (UTC)

car accident

hey kinda bored ....stupid chris, hes my friend and
everything but this girl erin is also my friend and a while
ago her and a group of friends went to a party, smoked out
drank some Alcohol like 4 outa 5 ppl were wasted she wasnt
wanna them-yeah she had alcohol in her system but still
she had the best intention to get everybody
home she hit a bump and they all got in a car crash-1
person got a coma (there were other injuries but) well
every1 was so pissed at erin for "killing" that girl in the
coma...(she didnt really die) ppl at skool would torment
her-shove her in the dirt-smack her or throw something at
her head and she wouldent know who it was cause it was a
huge group

to make a long story short-she was humileated and was
so depressed she had to switch skools but thats only half
of the story anyway my friend chris is all talkin shit
about her and how much he hates her "its all her fault"
well u know what chris if u couldent tell i was pissed the
i was thats y i left the table i couldent stand u sayin
shit!!! so y dont u shut the hell up about erin shes my