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2002-11-22 21:43:53 (UTC)

Dumb Dumb Administrators...

Today started off great! My British Lit class was canceled
and I was sleepy, so I slept in until 1 pm. I woke up,
checked my webcomics and Megatokyo had two really good
rants. Seraphim was talking about how commercialized
holidays are and Dom discussed the NEWEST Tenchi
DAMNIT!!). The only saving grace I can see thus far is the
fact the the director iiiiss: Nabeshin. He's the director.
And I love Nabeshin (and Dom agrees, he rocks).

So I went to Public Speaking for the pizza party. It
actually was pretty decent. We consumed EIGHT pizzas, and
played telephone and said what we were thankful for. I said
that I was thankful for my wonderful friends who make
attending SRU a joy, and for my loving and supportive
family. After class I went to the bookstore to buy Mom and
Aunt Donna's Christmas gifts. I found two really nice green
SRU sweatshirts, and used some gift certificates in the
back of my agenda to get a discount. All in all, I paid 50
dollars for two sweatshirts, a new sketchbook, some
mounting squares (FINALLY my Auron poster hangs on the wall
proudly... and SEXILY!), and a new pencil. That leaves $30
I can give back to Grandma!

Then I trecked back to my room and set to finding a new
class... there's like nothing left. I might have to take
another lit class. They still haven't signed me in for the
Great Books course! Why is it so difficult for them to do!?
So I emailed the honors program and I'll worry about the
other course after I talk to Mom. Maybe I'll just take 15
credits again, though I probably shouldn't. Goodness knows
I don't even have my minor CHOSEN.

Glatz went home for the weekend to recooperate. I hope it
works! He said he could get a lot of sleep. I'd really like
to sleep... Even though I've only been away for 4 hours.
Gosh, that's odd. Maybe I'll go play a video game.

Nikkie-chan the Mouse