I never wanted a desk job...
2002-11-22 21:04:08 (UTC)


Well, I'm in a bit of a better mood today, knowing that
today's Friday and I don't have to step foot in this place
for two days.

I have to work my banquet job tonight, though, and that is
going to SUCK. 400 drunk rich people. Maybe I'll
schmooze and get a tip.

Not a lot to say today, unfortunatly. My arm hurts like a
sonofabitch. I got a tetanus shot on Wednesday, it's part
of this plasma donation I do (yes, I am DESPERATLY broke).
If you're due for a booster, they give it to you, pay you
ten bucks, and then they pay you extra for every donation
because they use your plasma to make more vaccinations.
Pretty cool, and I needed a booster, anyway. So I get the
booster in my left arm on Wed, and then donate again on
Thurs. in my left arm. I think the blood pressure cuff
squeezing on my arm inflamed the shot area, and now it's
kind of swollen and sore.

Anyway, enough for today. Only an hour and a half left,