the life of kate
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2002-11-22 20:38:50 (UTC)


Well lets see the guy that i thought was my dream guy and
my future husband is out of the question right at the
momment. I have been calling him and somegirl keeps on
answering his phone. WHich just pisses me off and makes me
think that he is cheatting on me. I could careless right
now if he is going to read this. IT dont bother me...at
least he will know how i feel. I swear to god if he is
cheating on me he will be sorry for the rest of his life. I
hope to god that he is not but if he is i hope he goes and
finds a girl that he loves and cares about just like i do
to him and she rips his heart out so he knows what kinda
hell that I am going to go through. THe girl might wanna be
careful becuase im a bitch when you fuck with me. I hope to
god that he is not but hey who knows. Well i am outtie i am
going to try to figure this shit out!!

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