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2002-11-22 18:24:12 (UTC)

My Lab Test

I've been stressing about taking my anth lab test for
weeks, and I finally took it last night, while Ryan,
Daniel, Sam, and Sam's brother Sean were seeing Tool. I was
supposed to go see Tool with Ryan, not Daniel, but missing
my fucking lab test was not an option. But that's okay, I'm
not as sad as I was last night, because I'm positive I got
at least a B on the test! I was thinking I was going to get
a D or something, but I really surprised myself. 2 days ago
I didn't know more than 10 terms, but somehow, I managed to
learn 50 more through cramming my ass off. Hooray for me!
Gini's going to be down next Wed. through Sun. for
Thanksgiving, I can't wait! I'm dyeing my hair this
Saturday, a burgundy-purple with more red highlights. It'll
be fun. And if I don't like it, it'll be really easy to go
back to black :) The dye was super cheap on e-bay.
Okay, that's all, bye!

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