All About Paris
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2002-11-22 17:24:18 (UTC)

Another day, another life

I don't know what that means, but it's how I'm feeling
today. I lost over 2 yrs of journalling @ livejournal so I
have to start again. This was the only one I could find
that was FREE!

Who am I? --------------------------

Paris Famolare
[email protected]

Parents divorced. One older brother, one younger sister,
one older sister. I live with my older sister,so to speak,
and just put forth an illusion for Mom. I stay at home
sometimes though. I love having 2 residences - 2 of
everything. It's empowering. My Dad lives about 35 miles
away and sometimes I'll spend a weekend (or whole week when
scholls out), there but I do not count that as a 3rd

What am I like? --------------------

I'm like 5" 5 1/2'. 112 lbs with long jet black hair which
is very hard to take care of. White, Catholic, a typical
suburban life. Every day is the same. Every street is the
same. Buyers get to pick one of five floor plans. Zero
character. But it smells pretty good. Oh, I almost forgot!
Dark eyes...verly verly dark.

Right now listening to Slipknot - which is currently my
favorite group. When I'm at home I am absolutely forced to
listen to a group called Blue Oyster Cult because he plays
it so damn loud when Mom's not home. The police have been
here more than once. Some of the songs are very good, but
the topics/lyrics are about rape, murder, devil worship,
monsters, aliens, Nazis, the end of the world, stealing
things, good liquor stores, etc. You get the drift.

gg, lol paris