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2002-11-22 16:35:21 (UTC)

Who Am I?

Some of my friends are reading someone's online journal, so
I thought I'd check this kind of thing out...and try this
"online diary" thing out.

My name's Holly Robison, and I'm 18 years old. I'm a senior
at Colquitt County High School, which means I'm going to
graduate in May 2003. Wow...yet it doesn't seem like it's
ever going to happen. I write poetry--when I have the words
to write. I love music. I really don't have a favorite, but
I can definitely say that I enjoy various types of techno.
About my personality: I am very high strung and
down-to-earth at the same time. I worry about everything, I
want to do the absolute best at everything I do, and I have
this humongous want/need to succeed in life...

To be continued...

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