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2001-08-20 16:10:01 (UTC)


i love emily =)
im happy.
im happy with her. im going to miss her...but i know that
well be okay. on my side anyway. because i want to be with
her. i like being with her. so im going to not fuck it up.
and i think that makes sence...people are going to be over
there this weekend. a possible oops. and thats a little
intimidating. but...in reality. its all up to her. so me
worrying about is extremly unproductive =). and im choosing
not to...besides. i trust her. as much as i can trust
anyone i guess. i dont think that she would sacrifice me
for it...im not going to cheat on her. and its strange for
me to be able to say that. normally im just yeah sex is one
thing and love is another so its okay if i fuck other
people. but not this time. i dont think it would be okay
for me to fuck other people. and apart from that. i dont
even want to. which is weird too. like. im really not going
to. and its nice to have that comfort with myself. you
know. im happy. =) and unless she decides differently. then
i think ill be happy for a long time...

i hate my father.

i just told my mother that i cant deal with it anymore.
seriously cant.
no bullshit anymore.
ill fucking kill him.
i think im going to talk to him tonight.
ask him.
just fucking ASK him why he hates me.
what fuckgin justification can he give me.
there is NO way to justify that.
im tired of keeping my mouth shut.
fuck him.
and just fuck this.