Fishnet Goddess

Rainbows, Ice-a-ma-cream, and Lemonade
2001-08-20 16:09:13 (UTC)

OC Gay and Lesbian Pride Festival

The festival was so fun! Gini got the flu and couldn't
come, but me and Miriam had a great time. We volunteered at
the Pepsi booth together for the first hour and a half, but
then they got really short handed, and we split up so I
could do I.D. checks and give out the alcohol bracelets. I
guess they didn't realize that I was only 17. I just handed
the first one out to someone because I didn't know how to
put them on yet, and a few minutes later the "head bitch",
as his nametag said, came over and was like, "I didn't show
you how to put those on, did I?" And I told him no, and he
said that he'd show me, and he putting one on my
wrist :) I must have forgotten to tell him that I wasn't
21 :) I gave Miriam one too, and when we were off at 6:00,
we went straight over to the margaita booth, and then to
the thai-chinese-barbeque for chow mein. After we ate we
got another margarita and sat down with some nice people we
met, Roxy, Josh, and John. Roxy is this tall 16yo black
girl with long black and red extensions, and she was
wearing a black bustier and leather pants (very nice). Josh
(16) and John (15) were these two hot gay guys that were
very cool to hang out with. They dressed really nice and
they were totally uninhibited in the techno tent, where
everyone made me dance. By that time I was on my fourth
margarita, so I didn't really protest. Josh and John were
totally freakdancing in a cage (they had cages set up
around the tent for people with tons of confidence to dance
the night away on), with their shirts off, and I swear they
make the cutest couple. Miriam and I exchanged phone
numbers with all of them and we're planning on going to
Rocky Horror together. They introduced us to 4 other cool
girls, I really can't remember any of their names, but one
of them looked like my friend Courtney from high school,
she was so cute, but she was kind of with one of the other
girls, so I didn't say anything. Some girl actually started
freakdancing with me out on the dance floor, and I also
joined in on this long chain of lesbians bumping and
gringing on the dance floor. It was so awesome, I felt
totally free. I only wished that Gini had been there, she
loves to dance (I don't know about close dancing with other
girls, but I would've stuck by her so nobody freaked her
out). We were so drunk afterward. I went to get some cigs
for Josh and John, and when I tried to get back up I got so
dizzy, I could barely walk. Then I look over and Miriam's
totally making out with some girl. She actually found a
group of girls that wanted to take her home, and I was
going to be okay with it, but then Miriam found out they
live in Westminster, which is very far from her home, so
she came back with me. She got the girl's phone number that
was hitting her up the most. I was happy for her, the girl
was cute. But, boy was she drunk. A really nice gay guy
walked us back on the main road, and we walked him to his
car, then he drove us back to where we were supposed to
meet Ryan. He was so nice, we had a long conversation on
the way to his car about love and lust and guys and
girls...he was just a really cool guy. I had a killer
headache though, by the time Ryan picked us up, probably
from all the margaritas (which were so surprisingly strong,
stronger than Mexico even).
That was pretty much my weekend, except that on
Saturday I went shopping because of the extra money from my
3-paycheck month. Oh, and on Friday I got a raise!!! A
$1.60 raise. That's the biggest raise I had ever dreamed
of. It just came out of nowhere. Thereas told me what a
great job I was doing and that I'm getting a $250 a month
raise. After taxes, my paychecks will be about $620 rather
than $505. I'm so excited!
That's all for now, bye!