My Mind
2001-08-20 15:50:55 (UTC)

another day

i write as if im in a poetry room or something i guess when
you speak so much in your head it just comes out like prose
when you insist on writing it. i wont make since i may not
even spell correctly. i just know it kinda helps to write
in a "diary" kinda like therapy. as if someone real is
listening as if someone really cares whats in my mind. i
know i can write some stuff here thats from my mind that
could keep someone reading for years i could do this
forever just to clear that constant screaming in my mind.
maybe one day it will be no more than a whisper when im
done with this. i will write as often as i can just let my
mind flow through my fingertips cause i know no matter how
stupid i sound i will feel a lot better when im done.

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