My Heart and Soul....
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2002-11-22 13:50:11 (UTC)

What a night...

My sissy says: "The best nights are the ones you can't
remember with the people you'll never forget!"

Well....I remember last night (I'll never forget it) But
still...It was beyond great.

Went to chill @ Jess's house after ra-ra practice at 7.
Around 8:30ish we went on a run to Interlaken to buy smokes.
Just happens this guy that my girl Sara introduced me to
lives right above Jay's(the store-for all you non-locals) So
Danielle was all like, well let's go see him. So we go up,
he's like HEY YOU! I'm like...aww...hi...heehee....cause
well....you'll understand...

So we chill out there for like 20 minutes, then took Jess
home, then Danni and I went back over and hung with *Robbie*
(isn't the name he goes by with his friends, but I have
special status, so I can call him that) Phil and Aaron
Coleman, and Sarah Brewer. Danielle left at like
10:30...Robbie had to go on a beer run...I wasn't gonna
drink, but he told me to stay anyway....he gets back like 15
minutes later....had bought me wine coolers, cause he
remembered me saying that I didn't enjoy beer a whole lot on
school nights. We're all chillin, got into a fab game of
Asshole...which I was just learning how to play, so let me
tell you...I was drinking an AWFUL lot...Around like 1:30
the drinks were gone, and we were just chillin....the cutest
guy in the world kissed me. (awww...) [applause]

I ended up staying there....we sat up talking until like
6:00 this morning. Sara said he was perfect for me. He is.
She was so right. He's got all the qualities I like in a
guy...funny thing, he feels the same about me. I had the
greatest night. I'm going to see him again tonight. The
signs are all great. I have a nack when it comes to these
things. He is so amazing....and I want to thank him for a
great night. (I know I already thanked you....but
still....thank you again)

It's funny how you think that you'll never meet thatn
someone who has so many of the qualities that you want. In
so many ways he is similar to the guys that I've fallen for
before. But he has all the awesome unique things that just
make him 10 times better.....I don't know if things will
work out...I seem to be facing my same age complex
again....BUT...he's an Aries...and we all know that Aries
and Sagitarius are COMPATIBLE! :-) Thats the first time
thats happned. WHOA...(remember Joey Lawrence in Blossom? :-P )

Ok...well I for real have got to get to school [with a
hangover and less than 2 hours sleep].....So word to all the
bad asses....I'll talk to you all soon. Keep Your fingers
crossed for me!

All My Love


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