Jena's Rants
2001-08-20 15:39:25 (UTC)

Hello, this is your life.....don't you think it's time you moved on?

so life decided to give me a lil boost in the right
direction last friday. i was kinda fired, or forced to
resign. never had that happen before. goddamn nazi
corporate bastards. sa la vie! so i have all this time
off i think i may as well relax for a lil while before i
start looking for a job again. the only problem is i have
to have something to keep myself busy with or i may lose my
mind. i need to get back into my hobbies. maybe i should
paint something today. oh so, you know there is no reason
for why i was fired. no real reason anyway. hmmm,...
is it legal to fire, or force someone to resign for no
reason? i don't fucking think so! i harbor no ill will
though, the only thing i like about that job was the people
in the office, with the exception of the habitually lying
employer and the office nazi. so what should jena do
today, besides call her doctor and do nothing...hmm, perhaps
i will go for a walk. it's nice outside, hahahah - to all
of you employed bastards stuck inside on a perfectly
beautiful day. i think i will go outside and enjoy it.