ton o galaxy
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2002-11-22 08:47:06 (UTC)

chickens and incense

my roommate spent all of yesterday setting up my computer
in my room. DSl, the whole nine yards. Now i can get
pornographic letters form people i don't know whenever i
want. i love my roommate, so i bought him beer.
Met another man the another night. An optician who looked
like he could be in that band weezer. good thing i didn't
get all whorish cause it turned out he works in the next
block and you know how that shit can turn out. Even when
you are sure it's cool and you both are mature adults,
murphy takes over. His law anyway.
One of my bosses at work just can't belive i don't have a
boyfriend and asks me why too often. "If i knew i would
have one" is my answer. i really don't want to be like my
parents, pining over love that just never means what it's
supposed to.
I'm testing with this photographer on monday to do some
agency work and I know I am way over my head. i have to do
this. it's all about taking risks and I usually do better
work than i think. We'll see. It would be soooo SWEET if it
works and the pictures look good. If i got signed as a make-
up artist i could pay all my bills and visit the fam!

maybe i should pray or have some ritual with chickens and
incense. One morning last year i was doing my laundry, it
was pretty early. i put my stuff in the dryer at the mat
and decided to get a bagle. Umm mediterannean bagel with
sundried tomatoes and basil...anyway on my way back i see
this chicken body all hanging out of the public trash can.
It was bloody and it was obviously not used for chicken
nuggets. it makes me think about all of the unseen forces
that go on all around us, passing through unnoticed,
getting people jobs.


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