One hell of a life
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2002-11-22 08:20:17 (UTC)

11-22-02 entry eighteen

My english literature teacher freaks me out sometimes. He
was like, "and then you see what happens is he slops a big
french kiss on her," eewwugh ... i don't wanna know thanks.

Well anyway, tonight I think we're going to Stage...again...
Lois sent her letter to should reach england in
about a week now. So we gotta wait a while to get it back.

Anyway... I guess I'll update again in a while when I got
more interesting stuff to write.

Later on...

And now I have more interesting stuff to write. Okay, so
we went to Stage (lois and I) almost got bloody lost, and
eventually got there. First thing when we got out of the
taxi lois yelled "Get it!" and they turned around to look
(they, being shaun, josh and some other of their mates).
Stage was a bomb! well anyway Jon came over to say hi, josh
was drunk and prancing around being really hilarious...then
sorta passed out on a sofa. Shaun was really hot...and jeff
wasn't so bad either. A bit chubby now as lois mentioned.
So astrid and melody were dancing on the stage, and kept
asking us to dance but dancing aint my thing unless im in the we just hung around and had some laughs. Astrid's
money and mobile got stolen, and melody's too...astrid was SO
pissed, she kept screaming down Stage. Anyway, Timo kept
doing strange little jokes, and Jeff smacked my ass hard when
he walked past...which kinda hurt but whatever.
Um...that's the basics I guess...I so felt like grabbing one
of the (hot) guys and just making out. But i didnt,
obviously. Yeah right.

On the way back home Lois and I got into a kinda argument
about the time when ben and I got to our underwear...she said
it was unchristian-like (which is true but it was so tempting
just to try it out) and i thought it was no big deal...i
guess I'm a bit of a slut...well in a way. Cause on the
other hand im not having sex until its with the right guy.
Which is no where near yet. So i dunno...oh well i like the
way i am so whoever doesn't can kiss my @$$.

I was just reading through the other diary entries i
submitted...why was i so into josh and shaun? Okay so they're
new guys and they're hot but omfg it's like i was crazy in
love with two guys i haven't even properly met. Until today.
When btw they didnt look too bad either. but anyway im not
that into them if it seems like it...

In the taxi on the way to stage, whats-his-name alan called
me (we were planning to meet up some time cause i never met
him) and he asked me to come out so when i told him i was
going to stage he said he'd go and see me there...umm either
he was there and just didn't speak, or he didn't get there.

We are such dumbasses. When we left we didn't even say bye
to the guys. They must have thought we were so bitchy.