Book of the Purple Faerie
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2002-11-22 07:30:15 (UTC)

I Think We've Got a Winner...

I just gotta say, Chris conquered Devil May Cry for us
tonight. I love the game, it's stylish, it's dark, you use
guns AND swords! But the ending... just a tad bit corny.
Flying away in the plane after Trish comes back to life
miraculously, then the way she talks about the sky and her
heart clearing... *shakes head* Just a bit tacky. Still,
kickass game.

Had to wake up early for an honors meeting at common hour
today, hence actually made it to lunch at a decent hour.
Then to Anthropology I went. A girl fell asleep in the
middle of class, snored and made another girl laugh, so
Skirboll woke her up and she got pretty upset. After class,
I returned to my room and set to the task of writing the
blurb about Final Fantasy X for Jason's project. I had
started a draft during the honors meeting, so I had a good
idea of what to write, but I needed to know specifically
what Jason wanted, which he conveniently emailed me. So I
went to work, using the game's manual for reference (I can
never remember how to spell Kimahri's name). I have to say,
I was pretty happy with the results, but still very very
nervous. I mean, it was for Jason: I actually care what he
thinks. He seemed thrilled that I'd accomplished the blurb
so quickly, but I was still very nervous about what he'd
think about my writing. I mean, I am a professional writing
major... if a blurb about something I love and I'm
unsuccessful... that would greatly affect my sense of self-
esteem, I know. But when I asked him after dinner what he
thought, he seemed very satisfied. He said that I'd met all
the categories that needed addressing, and even done more
than what was required. The enthusiasm with which he told
me made me feel confident I'd done a good job. I was very
reassured, and happy that I'd been able to help him.

Later, he, Chris, Hack and Chad came over for some RE and
Sarah joined us after being upset. It must be hard when you
don't feel welcome in your own room... I wish I could help
her. Jason, unfortunately, wasn't recovered fully from his
cold, and left early taking Hack and Chad with him. I hope
he'll make a complete recovery soon. Chris remained to play
Devil May Cry. It was fun stuff.

I went down to get a Pepsi and checked the mail and was a
bit surprised to see one piece of mail, addressed to me.
Turns out (DAMN. IT.) one of the courses I'd signed up for
next semester had been canceled: not enough people
enrolled. That knocks me down to 15 credits for the next
semester. I'm going to try to get another class. I really
ought to get as much done as I can, and Sex Roles and
Society wasn't for my major... maybe it's a sign that I
shouldn't make women's studies my minor. Oh well, we'll see
what's still open... (probably nothing, damnit, but we're
going to try).

Now, it's almost 2:30 and Chris is still here, and I'm not
sleepy (I took a nap earlier because I had a migraine). I
COULD do some work, but I won't. I can sleep in today
anyways, since my British Lit class got canceled. Hooray
for Friday! I need to pick up Mom and Aunt Donna's
Christmas gifts tomorrow. YAY! It's almost break! I can't
wait to see Aunt Donna again! My roommates and I have taken
different roles from Fruits Basket for shits and giggles.
Heather is Kyou, the cat (naturally), I'm Yuki the mouse,
and Michelle is Momiji the bunny (she had her hair in
pigtails today and they kind of resemble rabbit ears; it's

I'm out. Bye!

Squeak Squeak.