De-Tet-aCh Memoir
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2001-08-20 12:59:41 (UTC)

Saint in the Day, Devil in the Night

Friday 17th August 2001

The day begun like any other, with my Sociology tutorial in
the morning. By now, we are already deciding which essay
we¡¯ll be doing. I¡¯ve decided to write on Emile Durkheim,
the guy who viewed humans as evil and thus must be
controlled by some society order. Yoke Leng and Premila are
also doing this person,so I guess it makes it easier for us
to discuss

An interesting example was brought up by our lecturer
during the Sociology lecture. The topic was on crime and
deviance. And surprise surprise, he used Singapore as a
prime example of a ¡°Society of Saints¡± : P . In this kind
of society, he said, people have to invent new forms of
wickedness to make up for the low crime rate. This in turns
stifles the society and makes in unresponsive to changes in
its structure. Hmmm..interesting¡­ and mind you, he has
taught in Singapore, NUS I suppose, for some time b4
returning to NZ. Quite true I suppose, if we look at how
particular our laws are, No this No that. The very latest
crime he brought up was No Undressing in Front of an Open
Window.. which is all common sense¡­ : P I mean, wouldn¡¯t
it be a crime anywhere else too??? Mabee except one won¡¯t
get into trouble unless someone sues¡­. Now, one definitely
won¡¯t get this kind of example in NUS Sociology
lecture..will we??

Coincidentally, it¡¯s another theme dinner night by D floor
and this time, it¡¯s called To Die For, a Heaven and Hell
theme¡­hmmmm¡­.. previolsuly it was Fright Night, where
everyone was dressed in horror costumes¡­now this¡­.

But unfortunately we did not go for the dinner as the gals
wanted to shop for stuff at Cuba Mall¡­I wanted to find a
gift for my father¡¯s birthday so I tagged along..I ended
up not buying much wheareas YL bought a $90 dresss!!! My,
those 2 realli shacked it out¡­

Night came, and I was going to the Bass Frontier event at
Studio9¡­the local pub/disco.. Bass Frontier is a drum&bass
theme dance event bi-weekly.. You get to see the weekly
club schedule thorugh a cool pamphlet called The Package¡­
it has a realli cool design and comics in a neat chic
foldable brouchure style..i realli like the art work on it
so much that I pinned it up on my wall every week!!

Anyway, I was suppopsed to go with David and Luke, my s/w
project matees¡­ I got premila to join us as well¡­Peter,
Luke¡¯s bro¡­and Kamal, Luke¡¯s flatmate¡­ also joined and the
six of us made our way down to Studio9 near Cuba mall..

My gosh, Drum&Bass music is realli realli energetic and
hard to dance to¡­ we danced like crazy monkees twitchin¡­on
the dance floor¡­the music¡¯s realli good and the DJ was
rappin his heart out in the audience and walkin around¡­ it¡¯
s so incredibly loud in there¡­ and it was so shacked
trying to keep up with the beat¡­. It¡¯s kindof a Rave
music¡­ everyone was in a trance and danced facing the DJ
stand..Premila was like the energiser bunny¡­ non-stop
dancoing¡­Luke was dancing vigorously too¡­except for David,
who din like the music¡­ we started dancing at 1am and onli
finishehed at 5am¡­ by then, we were so tired that we hadta
drag ourselves back to our was realli fun dancing
with my project mates¡­ guess it helps to foster our group
relatrionship more : P

5am, I¡¯ve neber partied so hard till the wee hours b4¡­not
ot mentioopned to the beat of Drum&Bass¡­. It was verie fun
and I planned to go again 2 weeks later!! : P

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