Dave's Mental Meanderings
2002-11-22 05:19:21 (UTC)

Poem - "The Massacre of the Innocent"

Your blue-eyed face betrays your façade,
That mask of maturity only makes you look odd,
Just who are you kidding, for I well know that look,
Your eyes just departed from the pages of some book.
Now the words like fuses burn in your head
As you pretend to have heard what the author has said.
You promise yourself to depart from this role,
To take the front seat and let the night save your soul.
You promise to live out the very best stories,
To scour the world for your fortune and glory.
You’re convinced you can make that epic transition
From vicarious life to first-person rendition.
But despite what you’d think from your glamorous texts,
There’s no place for you any better than the next.
From Bourbon Street to the Dome of the Rock
No place will deliver that life-giving shock.
Hypocrites, kings, and vagabond thieves
Infest every Mecca your young mind conceives.
Across every bridge and under the lights
Dwells nothing but ghosts of past empty nights.
The glamorous skyline and neon-lit street
Hide spirits you don’t have to travel to meet.
Despite what you think from the books that you’ve read,
The crusade that you seek must take place in your head.