The End
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2001-08-20 11:53:41 (UTC)


I find myself amazed that adults can still act like
children. I don't understand how someone can walk and talk
like an adult or even speak with the wisdom of Solomon but
when it comes time to applying that wisdom and fairness they
forget all about it and act like children.

And how is that someone can warn you to be careful and tell
you what someone else is capable of yet when you are careful
and choose your words well knowing they will get back to the
first someone that they still are willing to take words out
of context and spit on you for them?

and how is that someone can do that with allowing you the
benefit of an explanation or to explain your thinking when
you said anything? I am sick of these frickin games. I am
sick of dealing with children who call themselves adults. I
can't be bothered with this bullshit anymore.

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