Life as I know it.
2001-08-20 08:53:49 (UTC)


So okay so I went out with Kristin and Lara tonight to
Perkins (hey its the only way I am justifying spending
money. eating) had fun, but felt kinda cracked out from
being hungover. After that went to Heathers but Jay was
the only one there, talked about our weekends for a bit
then Heather and Jaqi came home. SMoked pot. BUT Heather
and I started watching all these episodes of My So Called
Life...which is so great. BUt fuck, there were so many
fucking cringe worthy moments that I know what they are
like cause i have been through them and that kinda sucked,
I mean I remember when i was in highschool watching this
and it was so awsome, but now that I experienced soem of
those exact situations its kind of unnerving...like it was
telling my future or something. Scary thing...makes me
wanna watch Kids again since i havent seen that for at
least 5 years to see if my life is paralleling that...which
i know parts of it is. Its like am i a fucking late
bloomer when it comes to teen angst? Blah who knows.

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