Kittys thoughts
2002-11-22 03:38:12 (UTC)


Wow I havent been here in a long time.
There is so much that has happened. I AM GETTING MARRIED!!
in January I hope,Gabe asked me to marry him on september
18th,it was great,Im very happy.Well I started to live
with gabe and his parents,dee freaked out because we
werent married and we were living in the same house(not
even the same bed!)So I had to move out,so I went to
annas,I lived there for about a month and a half,and while
I was there i got ringworm...from one of her cats.It was
nasty at times,my blankets smelt like cat pee,my clothes
smelled like cat pee,I couldnt handel it anymore.So now I
am living with Cassie paying her 100$ a month. Im only
staying there till I get married.I still have no job,tried
pizza hut for a day but there was no way it was nasty,I
have since been in school though Im doing pretty good I
think.Well my mom is doing really good the kids are happy
and moms is really in love with greg,so shes happy.Shes
getting her divorce from David,which everyone is happy,now
greg can get his divorce from his wife,and they can get
married.Ashley and Randy are happy also,Ashley is growing
up fast,wayto fast.Mom bought her a thong ,i dont know
where she found one small enough but she did.But shes
getting really good grades in school.Randy is doing better
than he was but hes "lashing" out,to mom,greg,adults at
school.But Mom and Greg are helping him through it.Mom
gets kinda mad at me sometimes when I say that I am moving
to Arizona,She doesnt think that I will but I probably
will be,In early March.Im scared but because Im not really
going to know anyone,It will feel like I am starting
over.For awhile i am going to be clinging to Gabe,i hope
he dosent mind.Hes the one that wants me to move there.