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2002-11-22 03:03:05 (UTC)


I haven't written in a few days so i decided the time was


My hand decided that the time was nigh,
and for a moment it slipped from view.
When it returned it fairly burned
with confidence anew....

The thunder from my steely fist
made all the glasses jangle.
When i shot him i was so handsome.
It was the light.
It was the angle.....

-Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds


I apologize for that. It struck me. Its actually quite
disturbing that that particular song came to mind. The
song is "O'Malley's Bar" by Nick Cave and the Bad
Seeds. Its from an album called Murder Ballads and
that song is a 14 minute song about a man who walks
into a bar and executes every single occupant in an
incredibly interesting way. The things people write
songs about.

Don't be frightened. I'm not unstable, morbid, or weird. It
happens to be an amazing song. I suggest you
download it. The rhyming scheme and the melody are
incredible. Truly a great song. If you can get past the
lyrics. Or the length for that matter.

Anyway, how is everyone!?

No one answered my question from the last entry so i
decided to abolish it. The idea was arbitrary to begin
with, fashioned out of pure boredom. Ah well.

Alas, the wonders or traffic court. For those of you who
have never been, its a great experience. I was there for
speeding but it was interesting to see the people
before me argue about how much cannabis they
REALLY had or how fast they REALLY had been going.
And even amongst the incessant statements of the
judge detailing the fact that there would be absolutely
NO trials that day owing to amount of people, people
still argued.

I also found it interesting meeting one of Graham's old
friends there. I always looked up to Dan T. (Graham's
friend) because he was more of an older brother than
Graham was. It was nice seeing him again. Also kind of
disheartening. He became so successful and look
what happened to Graham. Why couldn't he have been
my brother? Well, actually....i probably wouldnt trade it
now. Now that i think about it. Well, fuck. I always seem
to prove myself wrong by writing. Hahaha. Well, in
retrospect, its always nice to see people you looked up
to again.

Its 8:55

Where are you Freda??? Blah.

I always loved tomorrow. It always seemed like i could
start over. Wow. Wouldnt that be awesome if you start
over everyday? Meet the same beautiful person over
and over. Amazing. Well, actually......(ahem) Groundhog
Day. (cough)


I'm so lonely.
I know where you are.
I can't get to you.
I'm so lonely.
But i know where you are.
I feel who you are, i feel your name.
But i can't get to you.
The wind slashes my face.
The wind of sweet satisfaction.
Bye streets, roads, pencils, and parents.
So far away.
But so close.
Because you're with me.
I miss your hand
I miss your lips
I miss your words
Most of all
Ah well.

All original poems by me on this page are mine. I don't
get very angry about most things, but if i find this or any
of my poems anywhere else, i will kill you. I will find you
and kill you. Plus they suck.
-Thank You!

I guess thats it for now. Please talk to me guys.
Sometimes i need some messages or something.

Remember, take care of others and yourselves.