My Inner Self to cherish thou experience
2001-08-20 07:22:56 (UTC)

She wanted me to talk to her.

Today I was heading towards my work spot by bus and while so
a nice and attractive young woman boarded the bus. She was
watching me while she stood inside the bus, but I was not
bothered by her stare.
Well when the stop where I need to
get off the bus, I approached the Door and meanwhile she too
got off the seat and she stood right beside me. She kept
nudging me or to say she seemed to enjoy trying to touch me.
After some time she got bolder and she almost shook me.
I was suprised by her attitude as she
was a attractive woman and so to her Men would obviously be
pawns, but yet she expected me to talk to her. But I held
back my emotions and stood there silent till the stop
apprached and then I got off the bus, and took my way.
It is amazing to encounter such enthusiastic
woman. Even while getting off the bus she made her play.