Just Another Dumb Blonde
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2001-08-20 07:16:51 (UTC)

insomnia blows!!!

hey again... well i should be sleeping but um i cant
sleep here, im not in my own bed. i have to sleep on the
fucking floor dude. k, how come people who dont deserve
things get them anyways?? its really messed up. i dont
wanna get into it though, i will go on for ever and i dont
have that kind of time right now...
my friend told me about an hour ago that it hurt her when
i drink and smoke and what not. i am just like im
sorryyyyyyyyy but i wanna tell her everything cuz i mean
shes my best friend, i wanna be able to level with her...
but i guess i cant anymore, i dont wanna hurt her. but she
told me she felt alone, cuz everyone else in this town
smokes or at least drinks, and she does none of the sort...
shes not even religious! like, she just feels out of place
i guess. i mean, i know how she feels... having a lesbian
for a mom isnt exactly common where i live...but i learned
to deal with my lonleyness, why cant she deal with her
lonelyness?? i dont know im just confused....
i was going to talk about something good but i forgot
dammit. OH YEAH!!!! that guy that said to people we messed
arouund apologized to me... he said he was drunk at a party
so he wanted to see if they would belive him, kinda like a
joke... not a funny joke, but whatever. he had forgotten he
did that, he felt baaad. so now if anybody asks im in the
clear!! yayy!!
k so i got that taken care of then one of tylers friends
IMs me and starts talking to me about tyler. hes all it sux
he has to leave for college like rite after u met. i was
like i KNOW! and he kept going on how much my sitchuation
sucked ass... i was like dude, u r just makin it worse!!!
jeezus kryst... more later i guess...