my thoughts that no one knows
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2002-11-22 02:18:52 (UTC)

welcome J, to me

dear J,
im sorry. when you want to be nice, you are very
nice. i feel bad that i blamed the bookmark thing on you,
after that i thought you would hate me forever, but, youre
acctually talking to me now. A was really mad at me and i
was totally pissed at her. she was ignoring me and beign
all moody, then to katie she would be talkgin about me and
everything. today i tried to apoligize, but she just amde
me feel really bad. after a while i didnt really know what
to say. you are talking to me a lot more now. K was gone
today. i missed her, but in a way, i was sorta happy.
when you are here, i cant even go to lunch without waiting
for you. and i get jelous when you hang out with stephanie
and barely talk to me, even though i felt like throwing up,
you didnt really care. volleyball isnt fun. E and AB are
really good, and they get amd at me wehn i miss the ball,
which is a lot. in a movie i once saw, a man said: live
everyday to the fullest, for you might die tomarrow. you
might die today, you might die right now.' i really
beleive that,a dn ever sinse i saw that movie (life or
something like it) i alwasy tried to beleive that. i guess
life is going better, and i can make it happier if i just
change a few things. like my image, i could do my hair
difefrent, or act difefrent, act nicer acctually. welcome
evrythign new and try new things. anyway, enough about the
happier things, the bad things is: AK is beign a big
loser. shes a fat cow and she thnks B loves her,. and he
hates her. its so annoying. she talsk about him 24/7 and
he hates ehr fat guts! she is the most annoying little
sack of fat ive ever seen in my life. wow, i cant beleive
i was just that mean. you must be thinkign shes like a
zillion pounds, but shes not. shes just...over weight.
anyway, gotta go ^ME^

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