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2002-11-22 02:04:22 (UTC)


o god me and my friend went to block buter, winn dixi
and publix dressed in 80s cloths it was so funny!!!i had
this taky flowered vest, a BIG jean jacket and some red &
whit striped pants. my friend chelsea was wearin this
black/white checkered "getup"(as she would say) they were
pants then she had this jacket thingy with a bunch of diff
patterns stitched all over it!!!hahaha

well anyway we were following this guy who worked in
publix it was so funny we were doin this mission impossible
2 song while we were stalking him he got really pisse d lol

heres another message from my "fan"

ur a fucking dumbass none of that shit made any face you
dumb lameass fucking poser.

uuuh and u did??? "none of that shit made any face"???wha?
time u wanna Criticize me do it right.

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