my deranged lyfe
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2002-11-22 01:27:44 (UTC)

believe it or not

ive come to the conclusion that everyone was ryte. everyone
told me as soon as i went ta hs i was gonna meet all these
new ppl and forget about my old friends. while i didnt
forget about them most of them forgot about me. yes i
stopped hanging out with them as much and started hanging
out with new friends(still from ao but didnt hang out w/
b4)they totallly ditched me. suddenly they have nothing to
talk about with me. it doesnt bother me. i just miss some of
the guy friends i used ta talk to b4 we left ao. now they
say hey but dont even stop ta chat it up.o well. i had fun
scaring ppl today.i was listening to my Jimmy cd and thys
guy came up ta his friend standing ryte next ta me and i
just felt lyke staring. so i did. he freaked out and turned
and walked away. i saw his eyes getting bigger and bigger.
it was hylarious. maybe you had be there i dunno. god- in pe
i was complaining about how i had no ryde home and ryan had
tha nerve ta tell me ta ask drew. and he didnt even know we
used ta be friends. some guys/ppl are totally oblivious ta
everythyng. drama was great. we just sat around talking all
class. and bio wasnt too bad. still boring tho.
tomorrow-english. but first i hafta suffer thru math and 'la
clase de espanol'.alrity well im gonna go make me a tomata
and toast snadwich. do over is on tonyte. penn badgley is
gorgeous and only 15! nice. heheh. *me n my dyrty thoughts*
o i saw ~him~ flyrting with thys gyrl today. she asked hym
ta hold her boox and he sed ok and then she left. so he ran
after her and gave them back. hys voice sounded so dyff.
then tha last tyme i talked ta hym. it made my