Hair Of The Dog
2001-08-20 04:49:01 (UTC)

My weekend

Well not much happened really. I got my cousin Suzi and her
husband Darren up, they're way cool. Went to my work for
dinner with Suzi and my mum on saturday night, these
dickhead american sailors kept perving on em, I coulda
cracked one in the fucken head I tell ya, it was really
irritating. I told the bouncers to keep an eye on em. Man I
hate people perving on my mum, it's horrible, I just wanna
start swinging at people. Well anyways the dinner was
superb, I love steakfest at my work, $13.90 for a scotch
fillet with dianne sauce, mmmmmmm..... my mouth's watering
just thinking about it..... I LOVE a good steak.....

Hmmm...... let's see..... what else...... drank scotch all
last night with Darren and Suzi and my dad. Watched a movie
with em on tv. Pretty boring weekend really. It sucks when
you have to work every friday and saturday night, your
social life suffers. Oh I went to Discovery nightclub on
saturday night (well technically sunday morning) after I
finished work, couldn't drink cos I was driving though. They
charge $2.20 for the tiniest glass of coke you've ever seen,
I can nearly buy a beer for that at my work, a beer about
twice the size too! Daylight frickin robbery I tell ya.

Oh well, ciao. If anyone can ever be bothered to read my
diary then please gimme some feedback, I'd like to see
whether anyone could be bothered reading my diary.

aka cc-chronic