you cant escape what makes you tragic
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2002-11-22 00:22:41 (UTC)

**In recent history**

oh wow the last couple of days have sucked sooo much. my
sleep shedule has been insane, my friends are all over
dramatic idiots and my fam has been drivin me up the wall.
not that this is any chance but im just soo discontent w/
life right now its pissin me off. i've gota find something
betta/er to do. maybe this weekend will help b/c im
supposed to do lots of shyt w/ my friends but who knows
maybe they'll all ditch me. haha i wouldnt put it past
them. oh well i've gotta be off. chillin for now.

p.s. **most recent development** aka happening now.... ahhh step dad is such an ass. i hate his fuckin
everythin! grr. the worst part is i cant get mad at him
(directly) b/c i know that he payz for all my clothes and
food and house and everything i have is b/c of him but
gadbudadaakdasdgagrrrrrrr [email protected]#!!! i cant stand him.