friends and lovers
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2001-08-20 04:11:02 (UTC)


ten long years of friendship always wanting to know what
you felt for me and if there was anything at all.
you are so hard to read at times you can be so close and
then you are so distant from me . all my questions and
answers were given to me last night, you invited me to tea,
we went out to a resturant there was just us a whole room
to ourselves, we talked and we laughed as friends do, we
went out to club and enjoyed ourselves, as friends do.
we picked up a video a we went home to my place, the
children are all visiting friends and won't be home till
tomorrow this is a normal routine for them we have been out
together heaps of time and come home to an empty house with
just the two of us,but something happend tonight it was like
the weeks that we have been spending together has drawn us
even closer than we have ever been i think last weekend was
just the beginnnig. years of wanting and knowing we
couldnt' be together just flew out the window and we made
love the moment was so unreal your heart was beating so strong and my
whole bieng ached to be touched and caressed by you my God is this
really happening to us we came similtaniously and the whole world was
oblivious to us,,, and it was right.
youve been attracted to me for so
long and i have just broken your vow of celeabacey of more
than six years, i have known this for years and maybe that
is why i always felt safe with you but the chemistry was
way too strong for both of us and it has happend, things
will change i know and it will be hard for both of us to
continue the way it use to be i have no regrets and neither
do you but there is another person in my life who i have
already committed myself to and you are friends with.
we spent the rest of the night holding onto what we had at
that present time you stayed with me till morning and left
with the birds, i have asked that you let me have some time
to think about what has happend. w will be home this week
but don't be a stranger, you said you don't know how you
will face him but this is between you and me somthing that
we will have for the rest of our lives to remember it will
be like a footprint on both of our hearts and only one that
we will share it with will be me you and my diary.

i have no regrets because you care.