Chapter One: The Evil Within
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2001-08-20 04:07:49 (UTC)

Day at the mall

Today was cool, Mary and I went to the mall, and bought her
lots of clothes, and I checked out prices. I also tryed on
that kick ass skirt I want, thinking of asking for it for
my b-day, its really cool!
I got to talk to my cool guy friends, will acctually is on
when we are, and ryan got back from his comp. so its all
good, the only prob is that matt is leaving tomorrow... and
i havent gotten to talk to him, so it sucks major hairy
donkey balls! Will is awsome today, he is like my big
brother, only he is younger than i... yeah, i know, its
weird to me too, but he's a sweety, and i love him like a
brother! Ryan is a great friend and one of the few non-
dickheaded guys that i know, he rocks and i love him cause
he dont make me feel stupid and inferior, and i cant spell.
Yeah, Ryan and Will rock! Me and Will understand eachother
cause we have "history" and can preactically talk aobut
anything... i really mean ANYTHING!! Thats what makes him
so great, and he makes me feel good, ya know, well ryan
does too, but i dunno, they both make me feel like an
acctual person!Thats what I love about them, they make me
feel... i dunno.. special i guess!?! I dunno!
Okay and to end this journal entry that takes forever, i
will end with 2 really funny gross stories, not for the
weak stomached!

SugarHound9984: me and mary were driving home from the mall
once, wanna hear aobut it?
CheezyPig8Lotz: sure!
CheezyPig8Lotz: hehe
SugarHound9984: okay me and mary were dirving down 332 into
canandaigua, ya know with all the construction
CheezyPig8Lotz: yes
SugarHound9984: and we have our windows rolled down and we
are stuck in major traffic stop and go type traffic
CheezyPig8Lotz: haha
CheezyPig8Lotz: i can see where this is going
CheezyPig8Lotz: lol
SugarHound9984: and then we look to our right and there is
this guy with his pants way below the equator, like so low
that you could see pubic hairs springing from his pants
CheezyPig8Lotz: LOL OMG
SugarHound9984: and mary starts screaming ewww eewww thats
the grossest thing i have ever seen'
SugarHound9984: so loud
CheezyPig8Lotz: haha
SugarHound9984: and he didnt even hear her, he just stood
there oblivious
CheezyPig8Lotz: hehehehe
CheezyPig8Lotz: omg

Yourmom994u: wanna talk about my brothers hairy ass?
CheezyPig8Lotz: okay sure!
CheezyPig8Lotz: lol
CheezyPig8Lotz: jk
Yourmom994u: well, its hairy
CheezyPig8Lotz: haha
CheezyPig8Lotz: why do you know about your bro's ass?
CheezyPig8Lotz: and that its hairy?
CheezyPig8Lotz: lol
Yourmom994u: this one time, i came home from school and he
was at our house on the computrer and he was sitting there,
and dude, crack kills! hes got the ass of an APE dude! It
was he sickest thing ever
CheezyPig8Lotz: OMG LOL
Yourmom994u: because he doest wear his pants high and you
can see his crack
Yourmom994u: and its a hariy one
CheezyPig8Lotz: MARY!!! LOL
Yourmom994u: yes
Yourmom994u: its so gross
Yourmom994u: its like, dude! wax your ass!
Yourmom994u: or shave it or something
CheezyPig8Lotz: LOL MARY
CheezyPig8Lotz: your so funny!
Yourmom994u: and dude, im so glad in not a boy
Yourmom994u: because if i was, i too would be a carrier of
the hairy ass gene and i would also have an ape ass
Yourmom994u: but thank god im not a guy
CheezyPig8Lotz: LOL
CheezyPig8Lotz: definitely


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