Head ache
2001-08-20 03:43:59 (UTC)


Yeah so I decided today that I am definitely boy crazy.
This new guy at work, Michael, is my new obsession. But I
still like that Tom guy I think. I don't know, I need to
forget about Michael because he has a girlfriend, of
course. haha I am a tard. And then I was sitting here all
night looking at MAtt's stupid name of instant messager,
thinking of expressing my love for him. BUt that would be
a waste of my emotions, plus its like, he's an asshole
anyhow, and I know that. I don't even know how I feel
about him. And then he IMs me just now, and we have
nothing to say to eachother. He is as proud as I am, so
its not going anywhere. All well. I am really tired and